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Hyo-Shin Na (b. 1961) is a korean composer and pianist.

After studying piano and composition in her native Korea, Hyo-shin Na came to the U.S. in 1983 to do graduate work at the Manhattan School of Music and the University of Colorado, where she received her doctorate. After moving to San Francisco in 1988, she met Cage, Rzewski, Wolff and Takahashi, and encountered the music of Nancarrow. At the same time, she made return trips to Korea to hear and study traditional Korean music while also taking a broad interest in the music of other regions of Asia.

Hyo-shin Na has written for western instruments, for traditional Korean instruments and has written music that combines western and Asian (Korean and Japanese) instruments and ways of playing. Her music for traditional Korean instruments is recognized by both composers and performers in Korea (particularly by the younger generation) as being uniquely innovative. Her writing for combinations of western and eastern instruments is unusual in its refusal to compromise the integrity of differing sounds and ideas; she prefers to let them interact, coexist and conflict in the music.

In Korea, she has twice been awarded the Korean National Composers Prize, and in the west she has been commissioned by the Fromm and Koussevitzky Foundations among many others. Her music has been played worldwide.

Source: Hyo-Shin Na Official Website and New Music Works


PIA by Hyo-Shin Na


Sophie Dunér is a singer, songwriter, composer and visual artist. Originally from Sweden, she travels and performs internationally as her blend of jazz, world music and contemporary classical writing receives demand worldwide – from the infamous CBGB´s in New York City to Buenos Aires Festival de Música Contemporánea de La Plata to Festival O/Modernt in Sweden. Her wild, risky, passionate and exhilarating music for vocals and string quartet as well as for cello is exemplified in her two most recent albums: The City of My Soul, produced by Michael Haas and released on PARMA Recordings in 2013 and The City of Dizzy (CD Baby 2016). The City of My Soul became PARMA’s biggest selling disc for download sales in February 2015. During spring 2016, the same disc got a great 3 page feature in the book `From Baroque to Bop and Beyond´(Lynn Réne Bayley, The Art Music Lounge). In 2019, it was recently featured on PARMAs “Visionary String Quartets” Spotify playlist. David Balakrishnan (violinist and founder of Turtle Island String Quartet) has said about Sophie and her music: “She is a seriously talented singer, and nicely set in string quartet, really beautiful original material.”

The music of Sophie may be described as a blend of the romantic and the spiritually elevated with a dissonant, bold and satirical edge. It plays with tense colours resolving into romantic harmony or vice versa. This applies to the music as well as the lyrics, which are mostly tragicomic. With her musical roots in jazz, Sophie has developed in a direction mainly created by herself or, as producer Michael Haas has it: “It’s not fusion – it’s Dúneresque – a newly created genre!” However, you may find a rich blend of influences from jazz, contemporary classical and world music. The bold lyrics are an essential element of the music, creating colours and rhythms that relate to the narrative, spiced with satire that is reminiscent of the 30s, but set in a contemporary arrangement. Sophie personally draws heavily on a variety of composers such as Weill, Monk, Mingus, Henze and Stravinsky. She perceives her music visually, and her songs are strongly connected to her paintings.

During spring 2018, Sophie was featured as a female composer on The Big List of Donne – Women in Music – Celebrating Women Composers which resulted in a video interview next to other female composers (Drama Musica, UK).


Hey Doctor by Sophie Dunér

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