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Tuesday, 19 May 2020
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The pianist and composer Laura Konjetzky was born in Munich in 1977.

She studied piano at the University Mozarteum Salzburg and at the University of the Arts Berlin. She then studied free improvisation at the Basel University of Music with Walter Fähndrich.

As a pianist she has recorded numerous solo works for the Bavarian Radio (Prokofieff, Schulhoff, Ustwolskaja) and gives concerts as a soloist and chamber musician in the areas of classical, new music and improvisation. Since 2009 Laura Konjetzky is music consultant at the Bavarian Television.

The piano plays a central role in her compositional work. She has worked intensively on new sounds in and with the grand piano and the expansion of piano playing with new elements, such as structured spoken language or percussive additional instruments.

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Being a musician is my vocation. Before I discovered my compositional calling, I followed a pianistical path / my pianistic vocation.

I think my artist parents.

Sometimes it´s quite a challenge to write for an instrument, that I don´t play myself, and that I´ve not dealt with so far. This is my starting position to dive deep into this specific instrumental cosmos, that includes the musical thinking and the needs of this specific instrument. At the end you present your approach to a musician who has been inhaling this instrument all his life.

My way to compose is a hidden and secret process far from other people's eyes and ears. I need the retreat, to find the door to my inner realm.

My composition Fading Varnish / Verklingender Lack is a piece for piano solo, playback and additional instruments. Fading Varnish narrates in music the fantastic adventure of a grand piano in the wilderness. At the beginning, the grand piano is a lost foreign matter.

Later it becomes more and more a part of nature. Its sound and its music are changing and eventually gaining archaic nativeness.

The piano plays an essential role in my creative realm. So a core question for me is: How is the basic identity of the grand piano? To come closer to an answer I sent the grand piano on this journey.

Nautilus by Anna Meredith:

When I first listened to her composition, I pricked up my ears immediately and thought: "Wow! It sounds strong, powerful, fresh and repeatedly fascinates me".

Be courageous! Find your individual path.

Find your individual paths and believe in yourself! Don´t give up too fast, be patient.

The art of listening is very important to me. I hope the awareness for this sense becomes more important. So listen carefully and with an open mind, to perceive the moment with full attention!


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